An acceleration program which helps to grow SaaS beyond local niches.
Until 31st January we are waiting for the teams which are creating a Software as a Service solution and have a working prototype or already launched their product but would like to take it global. ACCELERATE consists of:

Application form

Everything starts with an application.
In order to do that please fill in the form.
until 31st January It will help us to get to
know you and check your project.


Next step is the interview. We invite
teams for an interview at our office.
It gives us a chance to meet each other
and see the projects and get to know
people behind it. It's really important
for us to be on the same page when
it comes to the program. Interviews will
take place between 3rd and 5th February.


This is the part where the program actually starts.
We will talk about startups, business models, value
proposition, customers. You will use tools such as
business model canvas, value proposition canvas,
empathy map. Beside that you will have to go out
of the building and talk to your customers and try
to generate some traffic on your website.


After the workshops we will select the teams
that will continue with the program. It also means
that we will make a small investment so you will
be ready to work on your project. The investment
usually is $ 25 000 for 8%.

Trip to the Silicon Valley

We will take you to the Silicon Valley where you
will meet our mentors, talk about your startup.
You will gather a lot of feedback on the hypothesis
that you reated during workshops.

Working on the Product

After the Silicon Valley you will have time
to digest the information you gathered
and work on launching your product.
ACCELERATE ends with a Demo Day
where more financing rounds will be discussed.